man's work week


But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

2 Peter 3:8


Man disobeyed God (and became dark) and separated himself from God (who is light) fulfilling what was done on the first day of creation week.  God told Adam he would die on the day he disobeyed, yet he lived to be 930 years old (See Gen 5:5) confirming a day with the Lord is a thousand years.  There was evening, then morning - the FIRST DAY (Millennium).


Man became exceedingly wicked and the disparity between God and Man became like that of Space, so God flooded the earth, but he saved Noah and his family in the ark who were like the waters above separated from the waters below (wicked man).  There was evening, then morning - the SECOND DAY (Millennium).


God gathered the Hebrews and made dry land appear when he parted the Red Sea so that they could walk across dry ground and be delivered from Pharaoh's hand.  Then he made them into a great nation.  There was evening, then morning - the THIRD DAY.


Just as God made the lesser light (moon), the greater light (sun), John the Baptist (who was the lesser) testified to the truth until Jesus appeared (who was the greater) to also testify to the truth.  Jesus also called the disciples who would also testify. They are later referred to as the stars in the book of Revelation.  There was evening, then morning - the FOURTH DAY.


The disciples of Jesus who are made into new creations (birds) become "fishers" of men (fish) and spread the gospel to all the nations of the earth.   There was evening, then morning - the FIFTH DAY.


The nations of the earth (animals) are fully established and the Body of Christ (Eve) is formed through the power of the gospel.  Jesus who is the 2nd Adam and the head of the body returns to be united as one flesh and will have dominion over all the animals.  There was evening, then morning - the SIXTH DAY.


Jesus returns to rule and reign on David's throne in Jerusalem on the "day of rest" for 1000 years.  Just as God rested after the work he had done, Man will also rest from his work during this time.  There is no mention of evening or morning on this day - the SEVENTH DAY.  Our union with him will last forever.


Each day of Man's Work Week lasts for 1000 years, so the total duration of time for man is 7000 years.