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This day is a day of blowing trumpets.  The Israelites were to blow trumpets to signal the year of Jubilee, which is a year celebrating 50 years.  During this time, slaves were set free, land went back to its original owner and debts were forgiven.  50 is the number for deliverance.  What we discover in the 5th day of Man's Work Week is grace.  In biblical numerology, it just so happens that 5 is the number of grace.  Deliverance has finally come to man as a result of the illumination of God's Word by the Holy Spirit, which is Jesus himself.  It was during this time that the Word went out as a call for man to repent and receive the gospel, which was no longer for the Jews alone, but was extended to the gentiles.  This day marks the beginning of the ingathering of God's saints.   We were once slaves to sin, but have now been set free.  We are no longer citizens of the world, but citizens of heaven (our original land).  And, our debt of sin has been forgiven.



The next item is called the Alter of Incense.  This is where the High Priest would of offer up prayers to God.  In scripture, we discover that the prayers of the saints are received by God as a sweet aroma.  Here is where we make the connect between God's 5th Holiday, which is Trumpets and represents the ingathering of the saints, with the prayers that are offered on the Alter of Incense.  Once these prayers were offered, the High Priest would move through the veil (representing Jesus) into the inner room called the Holy of Holies.  

Abomination of Desolation Consecrated - 688AD