The Age of Sacrifice begins the week of seven ages and correlates to the first day of creation week.  In the first day, God separated light from darkness.  In the same way, we see in the first day (1000 years) of history, that man separates himself from God. Adam disobeyed God and went his own way.  God forbid him from eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He gave him access to all other trees in the garden, except for this one.  Yet, Adam could not resist the temptation to eat from it. In doing so, the result was a disparity between God and Man that is like the separation between light and darkness, which we still feel today.

In the wheel above, you'll notice that it is divided into two parts, the lighter/upper half and the darker/lower half.  We'll refer to the upper half as day and the lower half as night.  In the day, you'll notice an alter figure, known as the Brazen Alter.  This represents the first article within the Tabernacle (see Exodus 27:1-5), God's dwelling place, and is the first of seven articles that are found within the Tabernacle.  This article correlates to the lamb figure located in the night section of the wheel.  This figure represents the sacrifice that God provided for Adam and Eve so that they could go on living after they sinned, which was a demonstration of God's grace.  Later, we see God instruct his people to observe the Feast of Passover, a commemoration of their deliverance from the death angel and their bondage in Egypt.  In order to observe this feast, they would slay a lamb and put the blood from the lamb on the doorpost of their homes.  This was a prophetic event that foreshadowed Jesus (being the lamb of God) dying for us on a cross to deliver us from death and the bondage of sin.  When we accept his sacrifice for our sins, we are in effect, putting his blood on the doorpost of our hearts, which covers us.  In doing so, when God looks upon us, he does not see our sin, rather he sees Jesus blood upon our hearts.  Consequently, we stand forgiven before a holy and righteous God and counted as an heir with Jesus himself because he purchased us with his blood.

The amazing thing is the connection between the Brazen Alter and the Feast of Passover.  The passover lamb was slain and sacrificed on the Brazen Alter.  Both are the first of seven and by looking at them in conjunction, we are able to obtain a greater understand of their respective and correlated meanings.  

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