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Is it possible that God, the Maker of time, space, matter, and everything in between, told us everything that would happen before it happens? Could God have accomplished this without blatantly showing Himself and therefore nullifying all faiths and religions known to man? And is it inconceivable that he could do all of this through mere mortals who are not only subject to failure, but are by nature the antithesis of imperfection? I believe that the answer is a resounding YES! He is God! If this is true, then we have much to discover. In the following weeks, we will take a journey through time to discover just how much God has revealed to us and you will not be disappointed when you see the amazing perfection and symmetry of God's plan. I'll admit that some of what you will read will be difficult to wrap your head around, but stick with it and you will begin to see the mysteries of God unfold right before your eyes. Let's begin with the blueprint...

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