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A Day Set Apart - The 7th Day

As we have already seen, God worked for 6 days and after finishing his work, he rested on the 7th day. Then, he blessed it and called is holy. In other words, he set it apart from the other days. This explains the absence of the 7th day in God's work week along with man's work week. I have always thought it was interesting that God, the Master of the Universe, would take such a day to rest since God is all powerful and as such, he does not have to rest. He does not grow tired, or weary (Isaiah 40:28). So, why did God rest on the 7th day? I think that the answer can be discovered by understanding the deeper meaning of the Hebrew word for "rest." It does not mean to recover as we often define it. Rather, it means to cease from labor; to celebrate and to bond.